Rechargeable headlamp with newest COB LED technology

Rechargeable headlamp with newest COB LED technology 03.5426

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Rechargeable headlamp providing 150 lumen Lasīt tālāk...

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Rechargeable headlamp providing 150 lumen

As opposed to all other professional headlamps providing a beam of light, ZONE is designed to provide optimum work light illumination of your entire work area.

Supplied with the newest COB LED technology, the ultralight headlamp provides an extremely powerful illumination which spreads the uniform light to the maximum and lightens up your entire field of view. With ZONE you avoid turning the head to illuminate your actual workspace from a limited headlamp beam.

The rechargeable LED headlamp is designed for professional use. It is sturdy and has a low weight of only 84 g. With its attractive price, ZONE will become another SCANGRIP bestseller.

Why you should choose ZONE

  • Light up your entire field of view
  • Low weight (only 84 g)
  • Designed for professional work
  • Easy adjustable headband
  • Supplied with the newest rechargeable battery technology

// Please note, the ZONE is delivered excl. charger.

// The design of ZONE is unique and covered by EU design patent RCD No 3451038.

Battery: Li-ion
Battery capacity: 0.8 Ah
Cable: 1m USB / mini DC
Charging voltage: 5.0 V
Effective charging current : 1.0 A
Illuminance: 400 lux
Luminous Flux: 150 lm
Maximum energy: 2.0 W
Nominal battery voltage: 3.7 V
Sizes: 97x34x35 mm
Weight: 0.084 kg
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